Introducing our clothing line, Magnolia

Hello world!

It has been hectic since the last few weeks and I haven’t been able to dedicate as much time to my blog. But I have a very reasonable and exciting explanation that I would like to share with you all.

My mom has started designing modest clothing for women including loungewear! I am the social media manager who is taking care of the Facebook and Instagram pages and ofcourse, the photography. These days I have been juggling work, my fitness classes, and planning our upcoming exhibition.

The clothing line represents modesty, elegance, and comfort with style. We are hoping to inspire women who want to look confident yet graceful at the same time.

The collection has a variety of designs with a color range that is aesthetically pleasing to the eyes.

Ever since my aunt and other family members and friends would compliment my mom on her style and the outfits we were wearing, she decided to start Magnolia. All of us encouraged her to start because her talent was in dire need to be showcased!

So many of her friends from India would also ask her to get things stitched for them because they admired her taste and the materials that were only available here in Pakistan. She has a natural flare of putting colors together and thinking of designs and specific detailing that I wouldn’t have ever thought of.

Just to be clear, I’m not being biased because I’m her daughter. Her friends, family members, and acquaintances all have the same opinion – trust me!

Let me tell you, it wasn’t easy coming up with the name for the brand. We were debating on so many, including other flower names and for some reason, French names (because they sound so much prettier).

4 copy.jpg
Long, flowy shirts that you can either wear casually or easily dress up with printed pants.

In ancient China, magnolia was symbolic of beauty, purity, gracefulness and femininity. It sounded like the perfect fit for our brand and we instantly decided on this name (finally!) after many countless discussions and discarded logo ideas.

It was great for me to get back into the swing of taking photographs after a very long time. I had been constantly telling myself to step out of my comfort zone to start taking photos, but that day still hasn’t come! Soon, I promise.

A modern and stylish outfit that would look great on a night out in the city or for a dinner party.

We decided to incorporate loungewear because it is a rarity to find nice pajamas or comfortable outfits in Pakistan to wear in the house. There are so many beautiful prints available here that look simple yet stylish when you mix and match them.

My first attempt at flat lay photography. Yes, I made that coffee specifically for this photo!

It was so much fun to photograph the loungewear especially because of how much creativity was involved in the process.

Flat lay photography is definitely not as easy as it looks. There is a lot of thought that goes into it with the items that would compliment the outfit and the angle and positioning of the clothes.

Not to mention, you have to be at a height to photograph the outfit – so if you don’t have a stool or sturdy chair around, you’ll definitely be in for a struggle!

I had to find random things in my room and match artificial flowers that were scattered around the house for this photo.

The bright, tropical colors inspired me to step outdoors.

For a fresh, summery look we decided to create a few outfits that have a vibrant range of colors in light fabric, which is perfect for the humid weather in Karachi.

I took this photograph in the courtyard of our house with a few random items that I thought matched with the outfit. The addition of a leaf or flower is always a plus point to add some life into the photo!

I am so excited for the weekend as the launch of our FIRST ever exclusive collection is on October 28th. Please follow the Facebook event page for more details! I am looking forward to seeing you all there.


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  1. Firstly, congratulations on this massive venture! All the designs pictured are absolutely beautiful and they are something I would wear. They all seem so comfortable and have an eye-catching yet subtle feel to them. I think you may know my next question? Haha. Do you have an online shop/ website?


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