The hidden gems of Karachi on the Super Savari Express tour

"What places can we explore here apart from the usual restaurants and malls?", my friends who were visiting from Riyadh asked me. They were visiting Karachi after many years and wanted to explore the city, but like so many others, they didn't know where to go. I suddenly remembered the Super Savari Express tour that... Continue Reading →

A walk to remember in Karachi

Moving to a new city can be quite daunting as you learn to navigate your way across different areas. But moving to a city you are already very familiar with is a completely different scenario. The main reason is that you begin to start taking things for granted. Here is why: It is the simple... Continue Reading →

My perfect stranger

It wasn't everyday that I would wake up early on a Saturday to meet someone who I had never met before. But that morning was different. I was new to the city and in an attempt to make friends, I had created a Whatsapp group of a few women who I had met on Facebook.... Continue Reading →

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