The wires that connect us

"Why are there so many wires tangled from poles across this city?", my dad said in a frustrated tone. We had recently moved from Riyadh to Karachi and this was the only thing I had heard him complain about. As an electrical engineer, it was no surprise that this bothered him. It was in that... Continue Reading →

Why being a third culture kid is lonely

Work. Eat. Gym. Sleep. These are the four components of my life - very typical and nothing out of the ordinary. Did you notice what was missing? Yes, you guessed it right - I don't have any friends. My social life is almost non-existent in Karachi. As I was sitting in my car after coming... Continue Reading →

Why am I always behind in life?

"She is throwing up, move away quickly!", my fellow classmates said on my second day of starting at my new school in Riyadh. It was a dreadfully embarrassing moment for me to display all of my insides during assembly. To be fair, it was a lot to digest. I had moved to Manarat Al-Riyadh school... Continue Reading →

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