Why being a third culture kid is lonely

Work. Eat. Gym. Sleep. These are the four components of my life - very typical and nothing out of the ordinary. Did you notice what was missing? Yes, you guessed it right - I don't have any friends. My social life is almost non-existent in Karachi. As I was sitting in my car after coming... Continue Reading →

Where has the charm disappeared?

Cee...Emm...Oh...Enn (CMON)! My cousin said, as she impatiently nudged me to ask our parents the much awaited question. It was the summer of 1998 - the year our lives changed. McDonald's had finally opened it's doors in Karachi. We were visiting from Riyadh those days and whenever we would pass by the golden arches, it... Continue Reading →

Why am I always behind in life?

"She is throwing up, move away quickly!", my fellow classmates said on my second day of starting at my new school in Riyadh. It was a dreadfully embarrassing moment for me to display all of my insides during assembly. To be fair, it was a lot to digest. I had moved to Manarat Al-Riyadh school... Continue Reading →

My letter to Pakistan

Dear Pakistan, Today you have turned 71 years old. That is a milestone which deserves to be celebrated. You went through so many sacrifices to create this nation. It is a day to reflect about the Partition of the Indian subcontinent, where 15 million people were displaced and two million lost their lives as a... Continue Reading →

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