Marcel’s is every bread lover’s dream come true

As soon as I heard about Marcel's joining the endless pool of new restaurants in Karachi, I was instantly captivated. This city will always continue to surprise me at how rapidly it is developing and the entrepreneurial flair people have here. Having moved from Dubai two years ago, I was craving a go-to place like PAUL for... Continue Reading →

A walk to remember in Karachi

Moving to a new city can be quite daunting as you learn to navigate your way across different areas. But moving to a city you are already very familiar with is a completely different scenario. The main reason is that you begin to start taking things for granted. Here is why: It is the simple... Continue Reading →

My perfect stranger

It wasn't everyday that I would wake up early on a Saturday to meet someone who I had never met before. But that morning was different. I was new to the city and in an attempt to make friends, I had created a Whatsapp group of a few women who I had met on Facebook.... Continue Reading →

The wires that connect us

"Why are there so many wires tangled from poles across this city?", my dad said in a frustrated tone. We had recently moved from Riyadh to Karachi and this was the only thing I had heard him complain about. As an electrical engineer, it was no surprise that this bothered him. It was in that... Continue Reading →

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