A walk to remember in Karachi

Moving to a new city can be quite daunting as you learn to navigate your way across different areas. But moving to a city you are already very familiar with is a completely different scenario. The main reason is that you begin to start taking things for granted. Here is why: It is the simple... Continue Reading →

Personal reflections of 2017

The morning I wore my older sister's shirt to school is still etched in my mind. At the time, it felt like the best decision I had made that day as I walked into school. I had a different air of confidence in my strides. As I came towards the assembly line where my classmates... Continue Reading →

My thoughts on the NAK controversy

"Did you hear about Nouman Ali Khan?", my sister asked as we were chatting on Whatsapp. "No, I haven't. What's going on?", I asked her. I couldn't even begin to imagine what she was going to tell me. When she shared the news about the ongoing scandal of his "inappropriate interactions" with women, I was... Continue Reading →

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