I don’t need to write more, I want to

It has been a month and I haven’t been following my so called New Years resolution. I don’t really believe in them, but I tend to make small personal promises to myself. One of them was to write more about my experiences.

I love to express myself through the written word and I feel that I am not channeling enough energy into this. My only explanation would be…you guessed it, laziness!

Although I have been busy with multiple things, I still feel it’s not an excuse to neglect my beloved blog. It is the only platform where I can freely express myself and this feeling is so liberating and unlike anything else. More than disciplining myself to write more, I really have to change the need to want. This mindset is more effective than anything else. If you want to do something, you will commit yourself more and this will reflect in your work and efforts. 

The feeling of putting pen onto paper is unlike any other. I am still old school and make notes for my class in my trusty Tiffany blue notebook.

Personally, I have been busy with work and managing our upcoming exhibition for our clothing line, Magnolia. We have a much bigger collection this time which involves a lot of back and forth between explaining the designs to the darzi, asking why there has been a delay to the typical excuses of Baji light nahee thee or Mayri tabyat kharab hogaye thi.

It also involves a lot of planning for social media, photography, and how to advertise our brand. Let me tell you, it’s not easy to get the word out or explain to people why we are different. But I am hoping and praying over time that we will grow and Magnolia will become a household name.

Apart from this, I am planning a few projects for this year. I want to connect with fellow TCKs around the world and hear their stories. What do you feel is the definition of home? How has this changed in the modern world?

Please feel free to connect with me in the comments below or on my Facebook page. I am also thinking to revamp my Instagram account and be more active on that. Let’s just hope I am true to my word of these resolutions and the wretched laziness doesn’t overcome me!



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