Why I couldn’t sleep since two weeks

This title wasn’t for clickbait, it’s true! I’ve been deeply disturbed and here is why.

There has been a visitor at my house since the last two weeks and it hasn’t been too much fun entertaining him (or her? It’s hard to tell). He has robbed me of my sleep because of his mischievous behavior. Let’s see if you can guess who I am talking about!

First of all, this guest was uninvited and would always be hungry at very odd times of the night. There would be bread crumbs strewn around everywhere when I would wake up and go to the kitchen.

If I ever witnessed his mischief, he would get terrified and fled back into his chambers. Much to my horror, he wouldn’t understand the concept of using the bathroom to do his business either.

We would have to clean after him constantly while he would be asleep the entire day. Come nightfall, the same shenanigans would repeat. He should definitely win the title of worst guest ever.

Yes, you guessed it! I am referring to a HUGE jet black rat possessing super powers and has been living in my house since TWO whole weeks. It had become our life’s mission to get rid of it, but that wasn’t an easy task. It was filled with constant obstacles, which I will explain to you.

It’s first visit was very obvious to us when we woke up and saw the whole packet of bread torn apart. Not only that, bits of bread were all over the counter.

We thought it was just a one-time visit and it would disappear. Oh, how wrong we were! It was followed by a string of nightly visits and cleaning it’s droppings every morning. We just couldn’t figure out where it was coming from!

One night, my mom went into the kitchen to pop the lasagna in the oven and found it perched on the counter, about to feast on it! She shrieked so loudly and ran upstairs with her heart pounding and legs shaking. We immediately called our chawkidaar to find out where it is. Just as we suspected, he told us it was nowhere to be found.

I suddenly realized the dining room was pitch dark at that time and told him to check. And there it was, hiding behind a chair! He tried to strike it with his stick, but obviously wasn’t successful. The rat race began and he chased it till it had run outside the door.

Once again, we thought it was gone for good this time. How delusional we were! This was our first time tackling this kind of situation. I think being a third culture kid partly has to blame because of how I don’t have that level of street smartness that people have in Pakistan.

I am scared of the tiniest bugs and insects that people seem very used to here. Yesterday, I ran back home from the park because of thousands of dragon flies swarming around and yet, everyone else was doing their brisk walking like any other day.

I hated the feeling of being insecure in my own house. I would open my bathroom door or go downstairs in fear every single day and let me tell you, it wasn’t fun at all.

After the rat chase, we made sure to close the kitchen door that night to prevent it from poking around again. To our disbelief, we saw shavings of wood on the floor and it’s droppings everywhere the next morning! It had literally made a small space in the door to come inside.

We had even set traps around the kitchen and the corridor with goodies for it. We even placed sticky mats in the hallway and my dad decided to put walnuts to attract it (out of ALL things).

Surprise, surprise – we found the walnuts gone and no rat! It managed to wiggle it’s way out of the glue and escape. It even left one of it’s tokens on the mat. This certainly was some extremely taiz Pakistani rat.


The next day, it took the liberty of doing a grand tour of the house. It even left us a token in my sister’s bedroom. Yes, you guessed right – it’s droppings!

When my dad was putting on his undershirt the next day, he realized there were so many holes that didn’t look like the washing machine was responsible. Alas, it was the rat striking yet again.

I had to stuff a towel underneath the tiny gap of my bedroom door to get some sleep. One night, I even ended up writing a poem about the terror I was feeling:

When she turned on the light

It was as dark as the night

It caused much fright

She was afraid it would bite

I’m not sure, it just might

Don’t hold onto this feeling too tight

We will trap it at first sight

Let’s wait till our days become bright

We will put up a fight

And catch the rat in the house!

We clearly had had enough at this point. I asked on a Facebook group for someone to suggest how I can solve this ‘ratty’ issue once and for all. I couldn’t trust just anyone coming by and using cheap and dangerous materials around the house.

That’s when I came across the pest control service, Forifix. True to their name, they really do get the job done right away!

Founded by Samina Faisal, her company is taking a different approach to zapping out those pesty bugs and rodents. What I really like about Forifix is their sustainable approach.

The products they use are environmentally friendly and are approved by international organizations. Say goodbye to the fuss or worry about the unpleasant smell in your home and feeling uncomfortable!

I contacted them through Facebook and they were extremely professional and efficient. They sent me their number right away to get in touch with the owner, Mr. Faisal. He was very helpful and came the next day to cure our troubles.

Their team did everything very thoroughly and sprayed the drains and put several plates with the odorless, poisonous tablets outside in the garden and courtyard area. They took out the time to explain everything in detail and the process of how the poison takes effect once the rodents have devoured it.

That same night, we saw the rat scurrying around in the kitchen. My dad saw it going towards the cabinet and disappearing. It turns out that the rat had found a hole underneath the cabinet – the perfect hiding spot!

My mom was very concerned and immediately called Mr. Faisal, who was kind enough to reassure her that he would come by in the morning. The next day, he did an inspection and put one of the plates in the kitchen and told us not to worry.

That same night, we were too disgusted to eat in the kitchen with the rat roaming around, so we went out for dinner. When we came back home, the rat was lying there dead. HALLELUJA! I hadn’t been this relieved in a very long time.

Thank you to my saviors for Forifix-ing our problem! If any of you are facing your fears in a black, furry form (or any other description that sends shivers down your spine), then you know where to go 🙂



One thought on “Why I couldn’t sleep since two weeks

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  1. Hahaha, oh my God!

    Now, as much as I love animals and such, a rat by all means is a scary intruder to have in the house, because of the potential hazardous pests and disease that they carry on them.

    We do have the occasional mouse or family of mice in our basement from time to time, but they are far smaller and less scary to approach and try to capture (to be humanely thrown outside) than something as big as a full grown man’s shoe, and without the risk of rabies!

    Thank goodness you found a professional! I think my whole family would have freaked out if a rat were to invite itself into our home, much less take a tour of the house while leaving souvenirs everywhere, hehe.


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